Drug-Free Workplace? You Should Be!

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Is there really such a thing as a drug-free workplace?  Most would say no and unfortunately, they’re probably correct.  We would also like to see a drug-free society, but that too, sadly, is unlikely. However, HR professionals do have the ability and responsibility to do whatever it takes to assure all employees have as drug free an environment as is possible for everyone.  How is that done?

The easy answer is to implement a drug free workplace policy.  This is best done by utilizing a third party who has the policy developed, the drug testing forms available, and has made the necessary arrangements with labs.  Developing such a policy alone as an HR professional is unwise – spend the money to have a third party handle this.

Well, you say, everyone knows about DFWPPs and many companies have them. That’s true, however, there is a seldom used aspect of the program that, if used, will further assure a safe work environment.  What is it?  The random testing!  The usual argument centers on cost – and that argument doesn’t hold up.  Usually the only cost associated with using the random testing aspect of the DFWPP is the cost of the drug screen – not much money in the whole scheme of things.  A company should determine how many random tests it wants done each month – aim for only 3-5% of the employee population – then notify the entity you’re using for the drug screens – they’ll provide employee names based on random selection.

The randoms achieve two objectives – 1) they put employees on notice that you, the employer, are serious about your company’s drug free work place policy, and 2) those employees who might be tempted to engage in drug habits outside of work will think twice before partying on the week-end.  And viola!  You’ve done your part to making not only the workplace safer, but also society.

Not only will employees thank you for creating a safe work environment, but so will your boss.

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