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Let’s talk health – we all know it’s important to be and stay healthy – but how many of us actually are vigilant about doing so?  And what does that have to do with human resources and business?

Think of it this way – healthy employees miss fewer days, feel better when they’re at work, and most importantly, do not use the company-provided health benefits as much – saving the company money.  When benefits renewal time approaches, less usage of the health coverage should translate into a less costly renewal – and what company doesn’t want that?

If you’re an HR professional – and are NOT a good example of a healthy lifestyle, you need to start with yourself first.  Get healthy, eat healthy.  This doesn’t mean you have to become a tri-athlete – just maintain a healthy lifestyle (get your weight under control if it isn’t).  Once you’ve achieved that, then you can begin to promote the benefits of eating and exercising right.  The sky’s the limit as to the kinds of programs you can present to your employees – use your imagination!  Have contests (voluntary) to see who can lose the most weight (or percentage loss) within a certain timeframe (think Biggest Loser); when lunches are ordered in for meetings – choose healthy fare, rather than the old standby pizza; and why always have cake to celebrate birthdays/anniversaries – think FRUIT!  And what about your vending machines?  Work with your supplier to gradually stock the machines with healthy alternatives.  Make a plan over a year’s time and then work the plan – slowly and surely, you will win over employees!

This process will take some time – don’t expect overnight success – but, be diligent and your efforts will pay off.

Not only will employees thank you, but so will your boss when it comes time for the health benefits renewal!

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