Job Descriptions-A Necessity!

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Believe it or not, all companies need job descriptions – and not just for existing employees. The hiring process should start with a good job description – if you know what you want, you can better advertise for it.

A job description should also be provided to candidates during the interview process – should they be hired, they’ll know the company’s expectations before they walk in the door their first day.

Development of a good job description includes determining FLSA status – correctly determining that alone can keep a company out of legal trouble. While that’s a topic for another column, failure to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act can subject a company to fines if an employee is misclassified as exempt, when s/he should have been classified as non-exempt.

The description should also include information that addresses reasonable accommodation issues – clearly identify the working environment and physical demands for the position.

Existing employees also benefit from having a clear understanding of their responsibilities – and that becomes important to a manager when an employee is not performing his/her duties. Being able to refer to a job description, signed off by the employee, helps a manager deal effectively with some performance issues.

A good job description should include:

  • Job Title
  • Reporting relationship
  • FLSA status (Fair Labor Standards Act)
  • Summary statement of responsibilities
  • A list of duties (be certain to include “other duties as assigned”)
  • Supervisory responsibilities, if any
  • Experience/education requirements
  • Working environment and physical demands
  • Knowledge, skills, and abilities required
  • Signature and date lines for the employee and supervisor to sign

Help your company become the best by having well-developed job descriptions for every position in your organization.

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